About ABC Country

What is ABC Country?

ABC Country is an digital radio station from the ABC, available on DAB+ and online.

ABC Country continues the outstanding reputation the ABC has for country music on the radio and through its commercial releases. Dedicated country music fans and casual listeners all over the country will love ABC Country. ABC Country is distinctively and strongly Australian, reflecting contemporary country music culture. Shows such as ABC Local Radio Saturday Night Country will also be a part of ABC Country.

Ways you can listen to ABC Country

You can hear ABC Country via digital radio and online. ABC Country is not available on AM/FM radio.

You can hear ABC Country on digital radio in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney - with more locations to follow.

You can also listen online, right here.

If you have more specific queries about using this website or listening to ABC Country please check the FAQ page.

About Digital Radio

All your favourite ABC Radio services are available on digital radio along with three new music stations - ABC Dig Music, ABC Country and ABC Jazz.

Digital Radio is an established broadcast platform in the UK, Europe and parts of Asia and now it's Australia's turn to switch on to digital radio, the next generation of radio broadcasting. Initially, Digital Radio will be available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with plans underway for the future extension of services to other capital cities and regional areas.

Digital Radio is not replacing current services; it simply provides another choice in how to receive your ABC Radio.

Learn more about Digital Radio from the ABC.

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