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Allan Caswell: It's A Country Song

Allan Caswell
Feb 22, 2013 Updated Oct 28, 2013

Country songwriter Allan Caswell has released an album inspired by jail, drinking and the bush.

Tracks on the album

1. 'It’s A Country Song' (A Caswell)
2. 'The Next Thing That You Hear' (A Caswell)
3. 'Clyde' (A Caswell /D McAlister)
4. 'Kick The Bucket' (A Caswell/G Kohler)
5. 'Love In A Minor Key' (A Caswell/R Carleo)
6. 'You Can’t Get Good Help These Days' (A Caswell/T Stewart)
7. 'Curl Up And Die' (A Caswell)
8. 'He’s Taking Candy From My Baby' (A Caswell/P Jenkins)
9. 'Everything That’s Good' (A Caswell)
10. 'Nine Tattoos' (A Caswell/S Jansen)
11. 'Guess This Is How Lonely Must Feel' (A Caswell/G Kohler)
12. 'Billy Joel Song' (A Caswell/D McAlister)
13. 'Brave Enough To Dream' (A And M Caswell)
14. 'I Drink … Therefore I Am' (A Caswell/K Cheshire)
15. 'Some Days I Wake Up Angry' (A Caswell)

CD: It's A Country Song (Shoestring SR106)
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Allan Caswell is an Australian songwriter and performer, author, record producer, freelance journalist and teacher. He has had over 900 songs published and over 500 recordings of his songs worldwide in a career lasting over 30 years. His best-known song is "On The Inside" (the theme from the television series Prisoner). It was a No. 1 record in Australia and New Zealand. It reached No. 3 in the...

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