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Martina McBride - Eleven

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May 4, 2012

The eleventh studio album from Martina, with eleven great tracks, is the feature this week on ABC Country.

Track List:

1. One Night 4:15
2. Always Be This Way 3:26
3. I'm Gonna Love You Through It 3:49
4. Marry Me" (featuring Pat Monahan) 3:46
5. Broken Umbrella 3:17
6. You Can Get Your Lovin' Right Here 3:47
7. Whatcha Gonna Do 3:58
8. Teenage Daughters 4:08
9. Summer of Love 4:21
10. When You Love a Sinner 2:57
11. Long Distance Lullaby 2:49

External Review:

"Perhaps the most exciting aspect of ‘Eleven’ is that the songs that take the biggest risks (the “stupid” lyric in ‘Always Be This Way,’ for example) are the most nourishing — and it’s those that seem built for radio success that fall flat. McBride isn’t an aging singer that is losing touch. She may in fact be a more relevant artist than ever if she learns to live on her creative edges."

[Billy Dukes - Taste Of Country]

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Martina Mariea Schiff (born July 29, 1966), known professionally as Martina McBride, is an American country music singer and songwriter. McBride has been called the "Celine Dion of Country Music" for her big-voiced ballads and soprano range.McBride was signed to RCA Nashville in 1991, and made her debut the following year as a neo-traditionalist country singer with the single, "The Time Has...

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