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O'Shea: One + One

O'Shea: One + One
Jan 31, 2013 Updated Oct 28, 2013

The second album by the Aussie couple is the first feature for 2013 on ABC Country.

Track List:

1. This Could Be Our Year
2. Be With You Tonight
3. Thank You Angels
4. Red Lights And Last Names
5. Empty
6. It Never Goes Away
7. Dancing In The Minefields
8. Looking Down On The Stars
9. Missing Miracles
10. The Swimming Song
11. Wish You The Worst
12. There's No Place Like Home (Featuring McAlister Kemp)
13. One + One


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Artist Biography


O’Shea is a country music duo formed by husband and wife team Mark O’Shea (born Feb 16,1977) and Jay O’Shea (Nee Smith). Since relocating to Nashville, TN in 2007, the duo has seen success not only as artists, but also as songwriters, and finalists in the Country Music Television series "Can You Duet".

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