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Tamworth Highlights

Sea of hats
Jan 20, 2012 Updated Jun 4, 2012

Tamworth Country Music Festival is officially underway and our friends at ABC New England North West have all the highlights!

Check out their page every day for interviews, live music, photos, highlights and news from the festival right here.


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On May 9, 2012. 3:56pm
johndoe123 said


On May 9, 2012. 3:54pm
johndoe123 said

I really wanna go to Tamworth someday. It seems like such a friendly place, and I'm Swedish :)

On May 9, 2012. 3:54pm
johndoe123 said


On Feb 21, 2012. 5:31pm
aintthatamerica said

Want to get to Tamworth someday. Idaho is a long way.

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