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Frequently Asked Questions

About ABC Country

What is ABC Country?

ABC Country is a digital radio station from the ABC, available on DAB+ and online.

ABC Country continues the outstanding reputation the ABC has for country music on the radio and through its commercial releases. Dedicated country music fans and casual listeners all over the country will love ABC Country. ABC Country is distinctively and strongly Australian, reflecting contemporary country music culture. Shows such as ABC Local Radio Saturday Night Country are also a part of ABC Country.

How can I listen to ABC Country?

You can hear ABC Country on Digital Radio (in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) and online.

Digital Radio does not use frequencies, you can find ABC Country by scanning for the station name on your receiver.

Listen to ABC Country on your computer right now - click here

About Digital Radio

What is Digital Radio?

All your favourite ABC Radio services are now available on digital radio along with three new music stations - ABC Dig Music, ABC Country and ABC Jazz.

Digital Radio is an established broadcast platform in the UK, Europe and parts of Asia and now it's Australia's turn to switch on to digital radio, the next generation of radio broadcasting. Initially, Digital Radio will be available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with plans underway for the future extension of services to other capital cities and regional areas.

Digital Radio is not replacing current services; it simply provides another choice in how to receive your ABC Radio.

You will need a 'DAB+ digital radio' to receive digital radio.

Learn more about Digital Radio from the ABC.

Can I receive Digital Radio?

Enter your postcode to find out if you can receive Digital Radio via the Digital Radio Plus website external link (coverage will grow over time).

You can also view detailed coverage maps for Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney on the ABC Digital Radio website

Digital Radio does not use frequencies, you can find ABC Radio stations by scanning for the station name on your receiver.

Community Features

Why has the Community closed?

The Community features on ABC Country closed in April 2013.

Since the site launched in 2009 you have submitted many great comments and contributions, but we've also discovered most of you prefer to interact with us on 3rd party social networks, so come and join us on Facebook and twitter.

The ABC Country digital radio station, online audio stream and the rest of the website will all continue as usual.

If you have any questions about these changes, please get in touch via the contact form

Any comments you have made up until Jan 31 will remain visible on the site. We have retained past comments and uploads but we are no longer accepting new contributions.

Biographies, videos, pictures and other content on ABC Country

Why are some of the biography details or videos on an artist page not correct?

The artist pages on the ABC Country website are automatically created as we play each song. The automated search processes may occasionally include content from elsewhere on the internet that is not directly related to the artist - especially if the artist has a generic or common name. If you see content that is incorrect please let us know by clicking the 'Alert Moderator' link adjacent to the content. We will review the material and remove it if necessary, in a timely fashion.

How do I find the details of a song I heard on ABC Country

Visit the Just Played page on the ABC Country website to see all the songs played - you can search by date, time and keywords.

I'm a musician, how do I submit a song to ABC Country

If you have music you'd like to submit to be considered for airplay on ABC Country send a CD to:

  • ABC Country Digital Radio
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • GPO Box 9994
  • AUSTRALIA 2001

Please note we are unable to accept music submissions as files, either via email or links. Due to the large amount of submissions we are unable to respond to individual queries regarding receipt of music or prospective airplay.

We can't promise to play it on-air, but we'll try our best to have a listen.

I'm trying to listen online but I'm getting a 'technical difficulties' recorded announcement

If you hear the recorded message there is probably a problem with the configuration of the media player on your computer. This is most often the case if you are trying to listen with Windows Media Player or via a work/office connection. Please check the following settings:

Windows Media Player:

  • With the ABC Country Player open (after choosing Windows Media Player and clicking Listen), right click on the area immediately adjacent to the play/stop/volume controls,
  • From the menu, click on 'Options',
  • In the Options window, click on 'Network',
  • In the Network window, under Protocols, ensure only HTTP is ticked (i.e. untick RTSP/UDP and RTSP/TCP).
  • If this does not resolve the problem and you are listening at work you may also need to add a specific HTTP proxy via this window. Please check with your IT department for details.

Please be aware that the availability and reliability of online audio streaming may vary from time to time due to a range of connection factors beyond our control.

How much data am I using when I listen to ABC Country on my computer?

If you're listening via the Windows Media Player option the data rate can vary because we use a technique called multi-bitrate streaming, which automatically uses the highest amount of bandwidth that your connection can handle.

If you're using the Windows Media Player option on the ABC Country website you can right-click on the actual player (near the play/volume buttons etc) and select 'Statistics' to see the current data rate.

The maximum connection speed for all our streams is 128kbps. 1 minute of audio streamed at 128 kbps is equal to downloading 0.9229 Megabytes, so it can be said that the maximum amount of data being used equals approximately 60MB per hour.

For the Windows stream you can decrease the bandwidth used. Check the options in your Windows Media. Please note that lowering the connection speed will reduce the audio quality, but may improve the consistency of your connection. Windows also has a nasty habit of putting these settings back to its default when it auto-updates, so you may need to occasionally check the settings again.

For further assistance please go to the ABC Radio help page.

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