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Sing Like Slim

Slim Dusty 2
Jun 21, 2010 Updated Oct 26, 2013

In the lead up to Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week, ABC Mid North Coast and ABC Coffs Coast are inviting local musicians into the studio to Sing Like Slim.

The 'Sing Like Slim' project will celebrate and honour the songs that cemented Slim Dusty a legend, the ones he made famous and also the lesser known tunes only die-hard Slim fans may know.

The project is not asking singers to sound like Slim, but rather to select their favourite Slim song and give it their own treatment.

Former Macleay Valley boy and Golden Guitar winner Steve Passfield joined ABC Local Radio's Cameron Marshall and Kim Honan to launch Sing Like Slim, with his version of the classic 'When the Rain Tumbles Down in July', which was also Slim's first hit.

Artists like Mark Wells, Ian Quinn, Rosie Sutherland, Dean Perrett, Old Bottle Black and Joanna Leigh have nominated covering 'Looking Forward Looking Back', 'As the Bush Becomes the Town', 'The Sunlander', 'By A Fire of Gidgee Coal', 'The Pub With No Beer' and 'Lights On the Hill'.

If you live in the NSW Mid North Coast or Coffs Coast regions and would like to be involved in the project, contact Kim Honan by email at ABC Mid North Coast or phone (02) 6588 1220.

Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Week

It is the first year the Kempsey Country Music Festival and the Slim Dusty Country Music Memories Night have combined to present one week of country music in memory of the legend.

The week, organised by West Kempsey Rotary Club and the Slim Dusty Foundation, will include the memories concert on the Saturday night, walk-up artist area, songwriting workshop, bush poetry, song and gospel concerts.

Performing at this year's festival are a host of highly respected singers including the Slim Dusty family, the Slim Dusty Travelling Country Band, Dianne Lindsay, Tom Maxwell, Clelia Adams, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Steve Passfield, Ian Quinn, Dean Perrett and Amos Morris.

The festival will be held Monday October 25 to Sunday October 31, 2010 at Kempsey Showground.

A little about Slim

Slim Dusty was born David Gordon Kirkpatrick June 13, 1927 in Kempsey to a dairy farmer from Nulla Nulla Creek further up the Macleay Valley.

Determined to not milk cows he wrote his first song 'The Way the Cowboy Dies' at age 10 and then adopted the stage name Slim Dusty the following year.

In 1970 Slim Dusty was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to music, in 1979 he was inducted into the ACMF Roll of Renown, in 1998 made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) and in 1999 Slim was named Australia's Father of the Year and Senior Australian of the Year by then Prime Minister John Howard.

Slim recorded over 1000 songs, released over 100 albums and has won 37 CMAA Golden Guitar awards.

The very first Golden Guitar was presented to his wife Joy McKean in 1973 for the song she wrote, and he recorded, 'Lights On the Hill'; Slim won two that year for Album of the Year and Best EP or Single.

Many of Australia's greatest songwriters have written for the man known as an Australian legend, an icon and the King of Country Music.

Joy McKean, who he married in 1951, wrote many of his songs but others to have penned for Slim include: Stan Coster, Gordon Parsons, Shorty Ranger Don Walker, Graeme Connors, Norma Murphy, Mack Cormack, Ian Quinn, Eric Bogle, John Ashe, Tom Oliver, Joe Daly, Kelly & Marion Dixon, Tony Brooks, Tony Jewell, Allistair Jones, Keith Urban, Kevin Bloody Wilson, Wave Jackson, Peter Denahy, Graham Rodger and Keith Jamieson.

Slim Dusty passed away aged 76 on September 19, 2003.

Source: ABC Mid North Coast: Sing Like Slim project external link

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David Gordon Kirkpatrick, known professionally as Slim Dusty AO, MBE (13 June 1927 – 19 September 2003) was an Australian country music singer-songwriter and producer, with a career spanning nearly seven decades. He was known to record songs in the legacy of Australian poets Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson that represented the Australian Bush Lifestyle, and also for his many trucking songs....

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On Jun 23, 2010. 12:49pm
Jim Spain said

I am a contributor to the initial funding call.
Money was being raised by 'selling' pavers or something similar.
I have not had any news for ' Best part of sometime ' - How the heck are things going ??

Slim ‘n Me.

Slim Dusty was waitin’ on the back of a truck
a bloody big diesel, engine runnin’ with noise,
smoke from the pipe was puffin’ out muck,
in the front cabin were two army boys.
‘e was waitin’ ‘is turn to join the parade,
the ‘Journey of a Nation’ was soon to begin
so while ‘e waited alone in the shade
I wondered if me chances would be much too thin.

‘e seemed to be shiftin’ about on ‘is feet
with ‘is ol’ battered ‘at set square on ‘is ‘ead.
I thought if I was just ‘onest and fleet
I’d catch ‘im right now, cos that’s ‘ow I’m bred.
“ G’day mate ! Slim Dusty ? “ is what I did say,
‘e turned and looked down at me standin’ on tar,
smiled as ‘e paused cos that is his way
with strangers in Sydney not known from afar.

“ Will ya sign me parade ‘at” I asked ‘im at last
‘e nodded and reached down to grasp me blue cap
with anchors upon it that ‘ave not seen oceans vast,
but ‘e wrote upon it, ‘e is a fair dinkum chap.
The cap’s made from cloth that is so very thin,
so the writin’ is scrawly an’ tricky to read, but
‘e said to me “Cobber, I hope that will do”
“Just on the off-chance do you have some paper?”

I searched in a pocket of which there were few
found me a notebook then did a big caper,
passed it to ‘im, for ‘im to collate
some suitable words that might ‘glint in the sun’
so ‘e wrote on the page - ‘ Slim Dusty, your mate’
then put underneath it - 2001.

(c). Rimeriter.

On Jul 4, 2010. 10:10pm
Anonymous said

Let Slim rest in peace!
I think it sick that a dead man can be up for awards!

I admired Slim for his courage and determination and all he gave for Country Music
but its time to let go .....

I speak for many people...

On Jul 27, 2010. 1:14pm

MR or MRS Anonymous On Jul 4, 2010. 10:10pm,

You seem a very bitter underachiever to think honouring a man that IS An Australian Country Music LEGEND is some how sick..He was the greatest alive and still is now he is gone, what is sick is that u think once dead you should be forgotten, shame really.Well you speak for few not many.. Every Year we hold a horse race we name after my late father in law and use it to keep his memories alive and fresh in our minds. He met Slim while working in the kimberly's and help slim with a flat tyre they had, am sure he is sitting having a beer listening to slim play right now!!,, sorry to hear no one will miss you so much but there is no need such comments,


Shane 34 South West W.A.

On Aug 2, 2010. 4:03pm
Jim Spain said

G'day ABC Country.

Thanks very much for your earlier info.
I have been in contact via the link.
Time will tell. I s'pose everyone is very busy.

Perhaps 'Anonymous - July 4 is only looking for 'bites'. If not we can just ignore the nonsense.

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