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You can hear ABC Country right now by selecting the 'Listen' button in the player below...

You can also open the player in a pop up window so that you can continue browsing through the ABC Country website without interrupting the music.

What you'll need to make the player work

Please note the ABC has recently changed the Radio streaming audio infrastructure, retiring the Real Audio feeds and introducing a new AAC+ option. You will need either Flash or Windows Media Player installed in your browser to listen to our live stream. Visit the ABC Radio help page for more details.

Installing a plugin

If you want to listen to ABC Country in the browser, you will need either Flash or Windows Media player plugins installed. Both of these are free.

Listening in an external player

Visit the ABC Radio help page for more ways to listen, or you can open the asx (Windows Media) stream of ABC Country in an external media player via this link:

Slow internet connection?

You should choose to listen to the AAC+ Player stream if you are on a slow or tightly capped connection. The Windows Media connection transfers slightly more data, which may not work well on a slow internet connection.


Windows Media player should be set to stream via http only. These settings are found in different places depending on which version of the player you're using (e.g. 'Tools' or 'Options'). To find out where these settings are in the version of the player you're using, use your player's help files.

If you are listening at work you may need to add firewall/proxy details in your browser or plugin settings. Check with your IT administrator for the details.

For further assistance please go to the ABC Radio help page or our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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